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News: 1) Blackhall Manufactured World's Largest Gate Valve   2) Sellafield Limited Apprentices visit Blackhall Engineering for the valvology masterclass.
Water Valves/Flow Control Valve/Needle Valve/Plunger Valve

When the city of New York calls and asks for your help, you listen. This happened in 2009, because the Larner-Johnson valves that helped supply water to 10 million people needed an upgrade. My name’s John, and I’m the Technical Director at Blackhall Engineering: the ultimate valvologist behind this 100-year project. It may surprise you to hear an American city came to Brighouse for help, but it shouldn’t. After all, the original Larner-Johnson valves far surpassed expectations, so here at Blackhall we provided the obvious solution - But not before overcoming the ultimate challenge of combining our prestigious technical expertise with today’s most innovative technology.

Developing these bespoke valves that will last another 100 years, we play an important role in New York’s daily water supply. I guess you’d like to know how we did it and what we did, so let me explain more in the video below..

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Our Water product range

  • Needle Valve
  • Fixed Cone Valve
  • Metal Faced Gate Valve
  • Submerged Discharge Valve

Larner-Johnson Valve

Used for Inline Pressure or Flow control Applications. The valve can also be used for Free Discharge Control at pressure above that of the Fixed Cone valve and offers fine control. For full specifications and details…

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Our customers say

"Unbelievable to see a valve operate at such low torques. It's been 6 months now and I’m completely mesmerised with the kind of reliability and durability of the valve. Blackhall Engineering has supplied an important asset to 2 million people in Mumbai who depend on this valve for their daily water requirements"

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai

Fixed Cone Hollow-Jet Valve

Typically used for Free Discharging Control at a terminal point of a pipe or culvert, we developed this valve to offer our customers an economic solution at locations such as dams and reservoirs. For full specifications and details…

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Our customers say

"The good news is that Blackhall make a good quality valve that lasts for years"

J.N Bentley UK

Parallel Faced Gate Valve

Used in a wide range of water applications (including isolation), our Parallel Faced Gate Valves offer outstanding features, including fluid tightness without the aid of any wedging action. For full specifications and details…

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Our customers say

"Great hospitality. Impressed with this organisation"

Tarrant Regional Water District
(Fort Worth , Dallas, Texas)

Submerged Discharge Valve

When low discharge noise is a requirement and space is at a premium, our Submerged Discharge Valve is an ideal fit. Because discharge occurs under water and into a Stilling Well, this valve lowers noise and takes up minimum space. For full specifications and details…

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"The installation was very professional, alongside the commissioning and testing. The valves have worked perfectly since installation. Please express my gratitude to all concerned on a job well done"

Semiyah Dam, Malaysia

Unearthing the 100 year project

An incredible project like this takes an entire team of experts working together. I'm proud to play a role, not just within Blackhall, but alongside the likes of JAMES BLACKHALL whose dedication and hard work in the beginning of the project paved the way for everything else.

MIKE McCARTHY continues to build and nurture our relationships in America, ensuring the likes of TED DALE on the design team keep busy with new innovations. This is where we continue to surprise our clients like New York, providing solutions to problems they didn’t think they could overcome. And with guys like TOMMY SCANLON on the factory floor ensuring the assembly team works in unison, we're in great hands. This only scratches the surface, because everyone in Blackhall's family plays an important role in a project like this. I’m proud to be part of it, and I know my colleagues are, too.

  • John Lewthwaite
  • Mike McCarthy
  • Ted Dale
  • Tommy Scanlon
  • Dave Richmond
John Lewthwaite

John Lewthwaite
Technical Director

My name's John Lewthwaite and I’ve been involved in the valve industry for almost 40 years. I’ve been at Blackhall engineering for 25 years, and my position at the company is the technical director. On the Catskills project I was the technical expert leading the team of design engineers.

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy
Director of North American Operations

My name's Mike McCarthy, and my role at Blackhall Engineering is the Director of North American Operations. My primary function is to manage the IPL projects over here and grow our water sales in North America

Ted Dale

Ted Dale
Senior Design Engineer

My name's Ted Dale, and I've been employed at Blackhall Engineering since 1987. I was instrumental on the design team of the Catskills project, visiting New York in 2009 where we evolved the design of the 100 year valve.

Tommy Scanlon
Assembly Shop Manager

I'm Tommy Scanlon, the assembly shop manager at Blackhall Engineering. I've been here since 2001, and worked from Australia to USA. One of the biggest was the Larner-Johnson's delivered to America and into the Catskill Mountains, North of New York.

Dave Richmond
Service Director

Hi, my name is Dave Richmond, and I'm the service director for Blackhall Engineering. I've been here for 12 years, and my role on the Catskills project involved going to America and helping install the Larner-Johnson valves

We've built 100 years of trust with New York City. We’re proud of this, and we can’t wait to begin our relationship with you

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