The Fixed Cone Free Discharge or Hollow-Jet Valve

Fixed Cone Valve / Howell Bunger Valve / Hollow Cone Valve / Sleeve Regulation Valve
Fixed Cone Valve Used for free discharge control at a terminal point of a pipe or culvert Blackhall's Fixed Cone Free Discharge valve (also popularly know as Hollow-Jet Valve) is designed to offer extremely high discharge capacity and velocities, often providing the best solution to regulate low at the base of a dam or reservoir stilling basin.

Dependable British quality with optimised design and high quality fabrication and castings, combined with the precision engineered gearbox and twin universal joint drive mechanism ensure the ultimate in smooth and accurate operation. Fixed Cone valves are also commonly used in turbine bypass, or continuous discharge low control applications such as compensation duties.

We are able to accurately predict the discharge footprint for our customers and advise whether to angle the valve or recommend the installation of a hood to direct the low or modify the footprint.

Series 3300

Size: 8" - 158"; DN200 - DN4000

Material: Ductile iron, Fabricated Steel & Stainless Steel

Pressure Rating: Up to 16 bar

High Velocity Discharge: Up to 25m/sec

High Discharge Capacity: k=1.7

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